Direct Marketing
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Direct Marketing

Advantages of Direct Marketing

1-The target audience

This type of advertising campaign makes you able to identify the target audience that you want to deliver the advertising message as it makes you

Reach specific consumers and send them your advertising message that you want them to interact with



2- Retain your previous audience and connect with a new audience

This type of campaign allows that you are working on continuous communication with the old audience, by sending mails or calling, so you will ensure the survival of your former customers, which will increase your sales and communicate with them continuously



3-Knowing the audience's requirements


Direct marketing is characterized by the fact that you will follow all developments in the labor market and the requirements of the public, whether by direct contact and communication with them


4-The ability to measure results

It will also give you the opportunity to track and measure results faster and know what needs to be improved


5- Determine the cost

This type is also characterized by the fact that you can determine its cost, and it reduces time and effort


Direct Marketing Means


One of the quick, easy and cost-effective ways, it works to send mails, advertisements, newsletters and the latest developments to a group of former and prospective clients at the same time.



This type is done after identifying the highly targeted audience and collecting their data, then communicating with prospective customers and working to provide services and products to them in a way through which you can sell immediately with the customer and record his data and through which you can also learn about customers’ opinions and requirements


-3Social media

You can communicate with customers through social media and offer them special offers and services


-4(Sms) text messages

One of the widespread types, is by collecting customer data, most notably the phone number and name, and then sending messages to them to notify about offers or discounts.

Direct marketing is one of the marketing methods through which direct contact with the consumer and direct marketing of the product takes place without the need to use the media and advertisements printed on newspapers and magazines