Social Media Marketing
By admin | Created at 2021-08-01

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing includes activities such as posting text updates, images, videos, and other content that stimulate audience participation, as well as advertising on paid platforms.

Why Social Media Platforms Are Important for Business?
274 million users, the number monitored by a recent study conducted by Dr. Moataz Salah El-Din, President of the Arab Women’s Media Network, advisor to the Democratic Center for Middle East Studies in North Carolina, and added that Arab users are distributed by 188 million on Facebook, and 44 million on Instagram, And 42 million on Twitter.

Social networking sites are ..

- Twitter
Twitter allows companies to promote their products on an individual level. Where it is possible to explain the mechanism of the product's work, how to use it, or a simple description about it in short messages, making it easier for followers to read it. Marketers can also use links, images or videos to promote their product via tweets

It is considered one of the most important and most popular social networking sites around the world. Through this site, the concept of the hashtag arose, which was later borrowed by all sites and applications to enhance interaction and access to publications of one type.

- Facebook
The most important in the field of correspondence and interaction between friends and the publication of photos, videos and various publications, with a user volume exceeding 2.234 billion monthly active users, with a wide spread in more than 120 countries around the world. Here is a map of Facebook’s spread around the global 


- LinkedIn 

It is considered the largest social network specialized in professional communication around the world, it was founded in 2002 by entrepreneur Reed Hoffman and in June of 2016 it was acquired by Microsoft in a historic deal, the largest in the history of Microsoft deals with $ 26 billion


- YouTube

YouTube is one of the most important visual social networking sites, but it is also the second search engine in the world after Google and the most visited site in the world after Google and Facebook

Every day, more than one billion hours are watched on YouTube by more than 1.900 billion monthly active users, other than visitors to the site who enjoy watching videos without registering

- WhatsApp
WhatsApp is one of the most important instant messaging applications around the world, which contributed to reducing the profits of telecommunications companies from the SMS messaging service, which Facebook acquired in a deal called the “Deal of the Age” at the time, where Facebook announced its acquisition of the “WhatsApp” service for $19 billion in shares and cash

- Snap chat

snap chat It is a social networking application to share moments and visual diaries with friends and followers through its unique feature that has been admired by teenagers, especially the sharing of photos and short video clips


- Google

And through it is widely spread over the Internet for products or services
Your ad can appear when someone searches for terms related to your product or service, or when they are browsing a website with content related to your business.

Social media can help you achieve several goals such as
Increase the number of visits to the site
• Increase brand awareness.
• Creating a positive brand identity.
• Improve communication and interaction between you and customers
• Opening the door for dialogue (by responding to customer comments, customer service

 Social media marketing is critical for all brands, big or small, and also for those trying to increase their sales.